How Appraisers Value Vineyards

1) Replacement Costs 2) Comparable Sales 3) Income Capitalization
Averaged = Value

Plus the value of various other factors: location, wine prices, opportunity costs, cost of capital, water, soil, topography, maturity, seduction factor of the wine country lifestyle.

I believe the best bang for the buck in terms of vineyard development opportunity in Central Texas is the undervalued Mason area. The sandstone soils with good mineral composition and Hickory Aquifer with abundant water make for the 2 most valued qualities of the region for not only grape growing but other produce and cash crops. Tracts of all sizes are available in the Mason area. Next, the location is perfect for day trippers, but the community still roots a large portion of the economy in ag. centric activities so you will be able to get a tractor part or find someone to help with a sprinkler. Other growers and winemakers anchor this community in the burgeoning Texas Wine industry and you have to love the new WineBar just off the square.

Interested in starting a vineyard? Ask me about suitable vineyard sites for your venture or buy this one that is turnkey: Peter’s Prairie Vineyard

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